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About SAC

SAC-UTama is an acronym which stands for Self Access Centre.?Its philosophy as a learning facility is that the visitors are provided with learning materials and equipment to cater for their personal needs in enhancing their English language and other skills. In other words, they are free to choose the materials and or the tools to satisfy their immediate needs. By doing so, they will be able to take full control, including the pace of the learning, in their learning process.

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In essence, the Centre serves as a supporting facility for students of Widyatama University and the public in their pursuit of better English language skills. Be it a drill source for the 6 credits of English courses or preparation for an English test, SAC provides practical uses for the users.

In its initial stage, the Centre provides self-paced materials for students who voluntarily visit the facility. However, the university has grown not only in size but also in the learning system that demands a more integrated teaching and reinforcement programs. As the materials for compulsory credits shift from printed to multimedia, it opens the posibility for SAC to play a greater role, responding to early assessments and requests from corresponding faculties for student’s acceleration and reinforcements in reaching the objectives of the courses. With the new system, it is hoped that less-achieving students are sent to SAC to explore in-dept the materials they are expected to master so that they will keep up with the rest of the class.

Another scope of work of SAC is its open-d00r policy. With the new location and upgraded facilities, SAC is ready to provide assistance for ULCC in response to requests from external parties. The policy also opens prospects for active engagement of the stakeholders, with audio-visual material production, workshops, and English language community to name a few.

The acquisition of the EPT Secretariat from the English Department took place in 2012. The Secretariat formally runs the non-course administration (Incoming Test, EPT Regular Test, and EPT Preparation Program). Yet, with the new capacity, SAC is currently coordinating the courses (General English, Academic English, and English Proficiency Certification) under the EPT Coordination. Since the establishment of ULCC, SAC no longer runs the EPT Secretariat responsibilities as it returns to its original function as a self-study facility.

To avoid confusion, SAC will have a new name and will operate under the coordination of ULCC.